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Ruben Alconero

Ruben is the founder of Tango Whiskey Aviation and an instructor. He holds an ATP with type ratings in the B-777, 767, 757, 737, A300, DC-9, DC-3, B-25, BE-400, and HS-125 with almost 40 years of flying experience. He was a prior Boeing Instructor Pilot and B737 Check airman for a global airline. 

An active CFI, CFII, MEI, and Seaplane instructor, Ruben started flying lessons at age 12 and has been involved in general aviation his entire life. 

Soloing an aircraft on his 16th birthday before he could legally drive, Ruben has now flown over 84 different types of aircraft and currently flies as a B737 Captain for a global airline. 

Ruben's hobbies include flying a C47 W7 for the National Warplane Museum and test-flying a replica 1918 Fokker DVII.

A prior Pitts S1S/S1C and current Extra 300L, Pitts S2B owner Ruben took formal aerobatic training at Sean D. Tucker Tutima Academy of Aviation Safety, with multiple aerobatic camps throughout the years at other schools including a week-long aerobatic camp in the Extra 300 at MPaviation. A aerobatic instructor clinic with famed airshow performer Greg Koontz, as well as multiple aeroabtic camps with Gambit Aviation. Ruben's first aerobatic competition was in Boerrego Springs CA where he took first place and highest scoring biplane. Ruben will be competing in Intermediate during the IAC 2024 regional series.

Ruben was one of a select group of part 121 airline pilots to test the FAAs mandated UPRT training program in 2015.

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